Municipalities in British Columbia, specifically in Metro Vancouver, require surface water generated via stormwater runoff from new developments to be suitably managed such that environmental impact as well as the impact on municipal stormwater infrastructure capacity will be minimized. In addition, the goal of this type of design is to collect and manage surface water generated from the site such that the outflow from the site be comparable to pre-development conditions.

Horizon Engineering has been actively involved in design and construction of many such projects specifically for residential properties. A typical design would include in-ground, infiltration or detention systems combined with control sumps, rain gardens, and other water dispersion facilities. Horizon Engineering has designed more than 100 of such projects in Metro Vancouver for projects ranging from single-family houses to multi-family residential developments.
StormWater Management Systems

Horizon Engineering has combined geotechnical engineering expertise with innovative civil engineering design approaches to provide efficient, maintainable systems with reliable long-term performance.