Horizon Engineering provides quality control (QC) testing services for construction projects. The following summarizes our services:

• Wildcat Penetrometer (see brochure)
• Compaction Field Density Testing (see brochure)
• Cone Penetration Testing (see brochure)
• Standard and Modified Proctor Tests
• Atterberg Limits Testing
• Sieve Analysis (gradation testing)
• Moisture Content Testing
• Soil Resistivity Testing
• Unconfined Compressive Strength Testing
• Percolation Testing
• Total Suspended Solid Testing

This testing augments the geotechnical field review services provided during construction to satisfy requirements of the BC Building Code Letters of Assurance Program. As of the proclamation of the 1992 Edition of the British Columbia Building Code, letters of assurance have been introduced to delineate areas of professional responsibility for design and Field Reviews for conformance with Building Code requirements or good engineering practice.

• Vibration Monitoring (e.g. during pile installation or rock blasting)
• Settlement Monitoring (e.g. preloading embankments or structures)
• Monitoring Structure By Installation of Tell-Tale Monitors on Walls and Structural Elements
• Horizontal & Vertical Inclinometer Systems