In accordance with the British Columbia Building Code 2018 Letters of Assurance program, the Geotechnical Engineer of Record is obligated to carry out field reviews in order to verify that construction is in general conformance with design and actual conditions encountered during construction are consistent with design assumptions. Field reviews are typically carried out by Horizon Engineering, as required to confirm:

Geotechnical – Temporary
7.1 Excavation
7.2 Shoring
7.3 Underpinning
7.4 Temporary construction dewatering
Geotechnical – Permanent
8.1 Bearing capacity of the soil
8.2 Geotechnical aspects of deep foundations
8.3 Compaction of engineered fill (if required)
8.4 Structural considerations of soil, including slope stability and seismic loading
8.5 Backfill
8.6 Permanent dewatering
permanent underpinning

Construction Review