Horizon Engineering is a leading geotechnical engineering firm in Vancouver, BC. Established in 1997, we provide a design approach that is both practical and cost effective. Horizon emphasizes service that is tailored to a particular project. Our approach is collaborative and flexible with regard to working with clients, other consultants, and contractors in order to develop an optimal solution for a particular design challenge.
Geotechnical Projects in British Columbia Since 1997

We hold quality to be paramount. Our dedication to excellence and commitment to client satisfaction is evident in our 4000+ completed projects. Maintaining consistent, high quality standards is essential to our continued growth and long-term involvement in the industry and in our communities. Safety, environmental compliance, and quality are core focus areas for every employee at Horizon Engineering.

We aim to:

  • Provide personalized service
  • Be responsive, decisive, practical, flexible, and collaborative
  • Promote corporate systems that promote efficiency through quality and cost control
  • Undertake responsible development of ourselves, our company, our profession, and our community, where our community includes our customers’ projects
  • Maintain technical review of our work, including peer reviews and strategic alliances with specialist consultants, as required

Awards & Certifications
  • 2001 Consulting Engineers of British Columbia Award of Merit for Soft Engineering for the ‘Delta Shake and Shingle Landfill Fire Emergency Earthworks Geotechnical Instrumentation and Assessment’.
  • Organizational Quality Management (OQM) Certification


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